This page provides basic descriptions for the classes we offer. Not all classes are offered all year round. Please check the schedule page to see what is currently being offered and to sign up! If you are unsure of where to start check out our studio policies and FAQ section.


Introduction to Aerials

This is a single class workshop for beginners that introduces students to the basics on Aerial Fabric, Static Trapeze, and Hoop. No experience necessary, only a basic level of physical fitness is needed. This class is an opportunity for students that are new to aerials to try it out with no commitment to a full course.


Level 1

This 6 week course is suitable for beginners just starting out in aerials, all new students begin here. It covers basic climbs, locks, and poses on aerial silks. This level has two tracks and incorporates either static trapeze or Lyra. We believe it is important to train on a horizontal and vertical apparatus to build a balanced body. This class will be working low to the ground. Level 1 must be taken first unless special permission is given. Students with previous aerial experience should contact us for placement information.


Fabric/Trapeze 1

Fabric/Hoop 1

Youth Aerials 1 (ages 9 to 15)

Level 2

This level is for students who have met the prerequisites to move up from Fabric/Trapeze 1 or Fabric Hoop 1. It focuses on building your vocabulary, strength, and expanding your knowledge of different moves. You will learn about knot theory and building sequences with transitions. Moves that have been introduced on the ground will be taken into the air. There is a lot of material covered here and students should expect to stay in this level for a significant period of time before moving on. Please do not sign up for this level unless it has been approved by an instructor.


Fabric/Trapeze 2

Fabric/Hoop 2

Youth Aerial 2 (ages 9 to 15)

Level 3

This level is appropriate for those ready to move on from Mixed Aerials 2. It requires a lot of strength and previous experience. You must have a mastery of all previous moves to be in this level. This level brings you higher up into the ropes and focuses on building your stamina, strength, and working on sequences. Please do not sign up for this level unless it has been approved by an instructor.


Fabric/Trapeze 3

Fabric/Hoop 3

Level 4


This course is appropriate for students who have met the prerequisites to move on from Fabric/Trapeze 3. This Level works on refining and stacking drops, creating longer sequences in the air, and exploring creative transitions. It has an emphasis on body lines and movement to create a flow within sequences, and also explores high strength skills and more dynamic movements. Please do not sign up for this level unless you have gotten permission from an instructor.


Fabric/Trapeze 4

Fabric/Hoop 4

Open Practice

Open practice allows for current students to get more practice time on the equipment. This is a supervised open practice and does not have an instructor leading the class. Students must be currently enrolled in a course to participate in open practice. This is designed for students to practice what they are learning in class and is not appropriate for learning new material.

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